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I spend my life getting lost and feeling lost.
Yet, when I spend time with birds I feel at peace.
Many of these gorgeous and tiny creatures travel across the globe each year to do what they must
They face dangerous journeys in tumultuous weather
And yet, they land, here, sometimes in our backgardens
And they sing,
They sing, and they build nests for their young
They are focused on the future
On nurturing
And even when the odds are against them
they do not give up
I pray that we all may find the songbirds within us
And when we are on a difficult journey
That we may find the voice to sing and give thanks at the end of it



Life is complicated.
We traverse webs weaved with our own emotions, expectations and memories.
As we try to tiptoe on silver threads we often loose our balance, falling into our own anxieties and other peoples judgement
Every so often a thread will present itself to us, and it will seem more trusting than the others, we will fill our hearts with the hope that this one is different, and that we may not fall.
Not this time.
And so, we are left with our senses, our heart and our mind....and slowly but surely we start to walk along the glistening silver thread. The one that supports us. Bends with us. Keeping us upright.
As life brings us opportunities, i hope that what we really need in our lives become apparent, and that we have the courage to take these opportunities, knowing that failure is not always inevitable.
Keep the faith my friends
After the rain your web will become a work of art which you will admire and cherish for years to come, and everytime the sunshines you will see the threads that got you were you are now.



is all around us
Every now and then we loose it from our lives
Yet, as surely as the sun rises
Beauty finds us again
It speaks to us, cradles us and protects us
Until we forget we ever lost it

I'm grateful for the beauty in my life