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Moondust & Dolphins © lisa naylor

written on 22/02/13


He sailed through the seas

In a blanket of stars

Finding new worlds to love in

New worlds afar


He stored jars of moon dust

And glow worms did live

By his side as he wrote

Their light they did give


His pen quilled his heart

It never did stop

Not even in storms

As the boat it did rock


His mind was alive

With the sounds of the waves

And his pages did speak

As his soul it did crave


At night he would watch

Dreams whistle by

As they shot to the stars

In a crisp, glistening sky


While the dreams softly burned

The boat it did soothe

And his eyes lit like sparklers

As his heart is was moved


By the faith of the lost

And the hope of the found

Deep peace of two lovers

And dreams tightly bound


The strength of the sea

Allowed him to call

To the part of world

Where all things did fall


He whispered across

The luminous bay

And an echo he heard

Like a mermaid’s ballet


Awoke the lost feelings

That once had been found

A beautiful moment!

A glorious sound!


His love she was calling

A kaleidoscope trance

and the turtles they sung

as the dolphins did dance


She followed the sight

With the turn of the tide

Closer and closer

Towards glow worms’ light


Till they shone for her too

Then the book it got closed

and they sail now together

where’er the wind blows


The Voyage © lisa naylor

I packed faith in my bag

and sealed it real tight

should the water seep in

in the depths of the night


My hope I did bottle

In a turquoise jar

It was sealed for the journey

for near and for far


My love, it was wrapped

and tied with a bow

it could follow me now

wherever I go


I took all my luggage

and boarded the boat

but my hope was too heavy

and we could not all float


The vessel did sink

along with my heart

and I feared it the end

right after the start


But within a few moments

I smiled with glee

my gifts they were buoyant

they stayed close to me


For after they reached

the depths of the sea

they realised there

they could not be free


and them being so close

my soul is could swim

and my love it could warm

my cold and numbed skin


and my hope and desire

made stars shine so bright

An aurora took place

that beautiful night


As I walked to the shore

A lesson I'd learned

when a fire is close

you may not get burned


Instead you may rest 

and enjoy a warm glow

and from that day on

you will always now


That just when you need them

your strengths they will stand

the test of the tide

till you safely reach land