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Rhythms of Nature

A lot of the poetry and prose that I write is inspired by nature. The sights, sounds, smells and beauty of the seasons, of birds and mammals. I find it awe inspiring to spend a day by the sea in the rain and to witness the power of the tide, or a day in the moors where barren land cries to the soul. I hope you enjoy some of my sharings below. Please feel free to look at my photography also.

Much love.

Lisa x



Tyto Alba  © lisa Naylor


She flies by dawn

Through a golden haze

Silent wings

Deadly gaze


Mouths to feed

Prey to seek

Graceful hunter

Exposing the weak


Target in sight

Taste of meat

Frightening scuttle

No heartbeat


Upwards she soars


Surfing the breeze

How glorious


Apricot, white,

Beak and tail feather

Assassin’s claw

To strike and to sever


Killer beauty

Slicing blue sky

Ghostly presence

Piercing cry


Majestic raptor

Dance upon high

Peacefully gliding

On wing in our sky




Enchanted Woods © lisa naylor

Shafts of sunlight touch Carpeted green,
River runs fast over steady still rocks
Bees caress sweet lilac blooms
Lichen soften's the nest of the wren

Toadstools sprout cover for secretive fairies
Seeking shelter and solace amongst  precious buds
Drops of dew sparkle as gems of the woods
Nestled in private, displaying their love

Trees bend and bow to make dens of mystery
Away from the chaos, their leaves that conceal
Protecting embraces, carefully sheilding
Their guard of honour, the promise of freedom

Willow warbler calling, blackbird erupting
Sounds of this world so earthly and pure,
Raindrops percussive on glossy green leaves
Rustling wildly, intoxicating breeze

Looking on high, wild rugged escape
Severe weather hugs rocky facades
Zipped up, decorated with all shades of green
Those who tread here must pay a price

Lakes spread through valleys, still waters calm
The sun a reflection, bringing deep waters warmth
Rainbows appear to bring promise of hope
    And rescue the drowning to soft, sheltered banks 

A place where love can breed like wildfire
Alighting with passion isolated trees
Colours more vivid, light more blinding
A moment of magic, that lovers do seize


Butter-fly   © lisa naylor


Kiss flowers sweet in bloom




Spread you rainbow filled perfume




Colours through your bright wing petals




Till starlight rays do settle



Rain  © lisa naylor 

Blessings pour down
Iced white snowflakes
The cold brings relief
To hot hearts that ache

Beautiful patterns
Decorate skin
Melting through to the soul
The world seeping in

Flashes of sky
Now deep in the bones
Rays of sunshine
Soft seated thrones

Long peaceful sleep
Love from inside
Quickly infects
And warmly confides

Now resigned
In the arms of an angel
Sense of belonging
Cradled and held still

Still, as the heart beats
The pulse is still strong
Still, as our lives leap
Filled with love song



The Pine Wood  © lisa naylor

In the woods

Dreams realised

Bluebell carpet

Gentle eyes


Sun streams through

Between spruce trees

Succulent berries

Glistening leaves


Buttercups lighten

Tangled in bracken

Glow worms shine

Bright like a gemstone


Sweet smelling air

Caresses cold hands

Contracts and relaxes

Nothing demands


Dormice scurry

Amongst clumps of heather

Squirrels scuttle by

Burying treasure


Light floods the pine wood

With beams of fresh joy

Jays spread their colour

Magpies destroy


Hearts are wide open

Blood pumps bright red

Inspiration is found here

Where foxes do tread


In fast flowing streams

Dippers flick through their day

Protecting their young

Thieves kept at bay


The love in the pine woods

Is present tonight

Accompanied by birdsong

And warm evening light


It remains here for those

Who yearn for it’s freedom

And the rivers do flow

To refresh when they come



Evening Gratitude  © lisa naylor

Pink Sunsets,

Lamp light burns

Evening wishes

Tides that turn


Moonlight softens

Waters edge

Distant memories

Of warbling sedge


Fresh salt water

Stimulates brain

Gentle lapping

Seashore refrain





The Island  © lisa naylor

The sea is blue and shades of green

Grey rocks lie jagged with cliffs between

All around sweet beauty lies

Whilst armed assassins patrol the skies


Small chicks wake to find their food

Has been delivered from mouths above

Small wings are tired with fishing pressures

To keep young alive, devoids all pleasures


Whitethroat sing on thistle and fern

A love song to all hearts that yearn

Their song stretches out to wide open seas

Sweet notes resound through white blossom trees


Gulls sweep the island, their shadows below

A warning to songbirds who dare to show

Their beating chests and melodic chatter

Black back guards still on duty, cackling with laughter


The balance of all life so beautifully seen

Through sweet lilac orchids, and hues of green

One watches the sites with a paralysed mind

The thoughts of the rat race seems so far behind


At this time the heart stops beating so fast

Blocking out pain, where shadows were cast

The mind wants to stay at this pace for much longer

'till ready to emerge refreshed and much stronger 


And still the loneliness penetrates through the soul

To be alone is such moments, does not make one whole

Experiencing the world through a single view finder

Does not satisfy, sharing life is much kinder



Written after observing the behaviour of Manx Shearwaters

© lisa naylor


Silhouetted banshees drowning the sky

Wailing and moaning,

They cry,

I ask why?


What is the sadness

That leaves you no light?

What pray be the reason

You come only at night?


Your footsteps so clumsy

So weak, undecided

Do you know where you’re going?

Do you need to be guided?


I wish I could offer some friendly advise

But I do not feel able

To find words

That are wise


I feel you discomfort

I make the same cry

In the depths of the night

Also wondering why


The threats of the gulls

So real and so near

Angel wings in the morning

You now fly much freer


Will I ever find out why your cry is so loud?

Will I ever pick one of you out from the crowd?

Alas my dear friend, these are things I won’t know

Until that one day when the fear has let go


To feel the burn

Of desperate pain

Allows the sun to be worshipped

After the rain


So when joy comes along

So fresh and so strong

It is then dear friend

I will rest and belong


It is then I will come

And sit alongside

It is then, pretty one,

You will not need to hide



Moonshine © lisa naylor

The Moon is yours

It's light is true

Though blocked by clouds

It shines for you


Eagle's Wings  © lisa naylor

Just like the eagle
soaring on high
A brush of the canvas
In a painted blue sky

Turning, driving
Gliding on wing
Powering fast through clouds
Racing through wind

Gracefully dancing
Scanning the ground
Elegant hunter
Prey to be found

Silently beating
locked target below
expertly swooping
Just one fatal blow

Cradling her triumph
To family nest
She glides back through the clouds
Dark blood stained chest

This mystical wonder
Of Bird or of beast
Rests from on high
Surveying the feast

Awaiting the time
When her chicks learn to fly
More brush strokes of colour
on a painted blue sky


Winter's silence © lisa naylor

Winter's sights

on crispy nights

Firey dawn sky

Swans glide by

A reminder
Of days
When the sun
Stayed bright
And comets
They fell
In the depths
Of the night

When fledglings sang
In evergreen tree
A song of love
For you and me
When rain poured down
To replenish ground
And winds they blew
So the sun could shine thru

Now are the days
Post summer-haze
When leaves have fell
In autumn's spell
and lone bare trees
November does freeze
Turning white to blue
No buds shoot thru
This solid ground
As Robin's sound
Denied to grow
With winter's' blow

This barren terrain
Loves only in vein
Snow covering food
for badger's brood
White on white
Harsh but true
Sheltered dens
Where birds flock to

Unforgiving frosty morn
A crow-filled dawn
Cries of murder
Loudly Resound
Carcasses lie
Where fox prints are found

a cruel, cold day
A ransom to pay
Iced spears from the sky
Lone magpie flies by
Rabbits foot
Is not
A lucky charm here 
Instead warmly wishes
Are shadowed with fear

A dark heavy veil
Marks summer's betrayal
A noiseless winter
stripped and laid bear
Tragically beautiful
The cold does reveal
And silently threatens
as lives it does steal


King of the River © lisa naylor

Flash of blue
Against clouded grey
The kingfisher was here
Though did not stay

High pitched cry
His call a warning
He speeds down river
Summer's day dawning

Sunset orange
Iridescent blue
He scans, he hovers
As Minnows speed through

Perched by the water
In white blossom tree
Sumptuous throne
For this wise Monarch be

He surveys the scene
With an all knowing eye
Water droplets on feather
Beginning to dry

Then suddenly
He has left the tree's peak
Still water shattered
Smashed by his beak

A short moment later
To the sky, the King flies
His dinner secured
As his catch slowly dies

And again, down the river
The King takes his prize
And the banks keep the secret
of the jewelled Emperor's life


The Bee

Sat alone,


no home


The honey she made

like memories fade

when the bear isn't there

to enjoy it


After the rain © lisa naylor

The smell

of fresh starts

seeps through


broken by storms





Bright lights


Through reflections


City street’s floor


The air

Of hope

Quickens steps

To elope

Homeward bound


Warm houses nearby


Trees stand

A new


Sparkle with dew

As final drops


from grey sky

Burnt skies © lisa naylor

Fireball of passion

Dancing on high

Burnt orange radiates

Through blazing red sky


Love kept alive

By warm evening glow

Etched in the heart

Not letting go


Luminous sunsets

Awaken the mind

Bringing fresh promise

A new world to find


Morning Glory © lisa naylor

Dusky morning set alight
Autumn colours burning bright
Mist rolls over hills anew
Glistening sight of morning dew

Antlers seen through thinning fog
Jackdaws caw on dying log
Acorns fall on autumn ground
squirrels scurry at their sound

Jays delight in sunshine flurry
Finding stocks to freshly bury
Geese return, spears from sky
Angelic swans pass them by

Toadstools colour path and field
Shining red as magpies steal
Collared doves on wing together
Enjoy this perfect flying weather


A day in the life...© lisa naylor

Hippy heart

smell of earth

flight of moth

fledglings birth


Sunrise high

Mist lies long

conkers fall

Mother's song


Midday rest


pen in hand

stacato prose


nightlight creeps

shadows fall

cloudless night

trees stand tall


Lake reflects

nesting coot

cold descends

Owls hoot


Velvet sky

stars abound

bats fly low

o'er hallowed ground


Songbird's Rescue © lisa naylor

The end of the world

Yet a Linnet

Sings notes that resound in your soul

He gives breath to the hope in your heart

As the pain deep inside takes it's toll

For the beauty you long since forgotten

has surged like a wave in your mind

And for a minute the end of the world

seems a place you have left far behind


The Finale © lisa naylor

Swansong rises

from a mist-laden lake

with the notes of a soul laid to rest

beautifully tragic

gracefully grieving

her dying song flows from her chest


Autumn Days © lisa naylor

Rustic Gold Splendour
Marries warm celtic green
Dappled Sunlight paints woodland
As leaves float downstream

Fallow deer gently tred
Through fauna and fern
Brooks softly babble
While morning sun burns

Kestral hovers o'er meadow
Where haybales reside
A lone barn owl quarters
Voles swiftly hide

Cries of young buzzards
Spread wildly on breeze
As hares nestle quietly
In the shade of tall trees


Endless Summer © lisa naylor

inspired by some the most beautiful and wonderful times of my life x


Slicing swifts scything through the soft air

Little owl distantly calling

creating a soundtrack for balletic trees

swaying silently in summer's breeze


Birds gather in their groups to roost

breathing slows

Gentleness overcomes the chaos of day

As a welcomed and warm touch

the evening kisses those that have breath


A pink sunset lights up the sky as far as the eye can see

and marks the end of another night

Warblers rest their voices

ready for dawn

a chorus like no other


time passes, dreams unfold


A lonely barn owl flies through the long, scented grasses,

white and quiet like a dream, she works through the sights of the evening

her wings cut through the still, soft air

whilst her calls echo around the freshly cut fields

small creatures hide from her majestic presence


She disappears through a slowly descending darkness

her ghostly figure only a memory


A golden silence ascends and harmonises with a fiery sunset


All is calm except for beating hearts

that watch and wonder

and yearn for a place in the freedom of these fields


Seasons' change © lisa naylor

Hanging in the air

along with seasonal decorations

the year that has passed

lays still and silent

waiting for refreshment


Memories of the sea,

Safety of large boulders,

The reassuring sight of the moon

Wild and rugged moors where hearts beat in time


Curlews calls that stir the soul

A Ghostly barn owl quartering

Silent, in the cool summer's breeze

Kestral hovering over lovers loving

kisses blown through the wind,

dodging oak trees


Sadness of the summer fading

and hope for another

the soothing soundtrack of the country

keeping hearts and minds


and in love

forever vital

forever committed

silently and beautifully

a symphony yet to be heard.



After the Rain © lisa naylor

A heartfelt cry

to you out there

please think of us

and what we were

what dreams we have

how we'll heal this pain

with a long embrace

after the rain


After the rain

Birds take to wing

When the rain stops

the nightingale sings

and we will stand there

just the two of us be

after the storm

the rainbow we'll see


Colours so vibrant,

so rich and so pure

once heavy clouds pass

our love will endure

Where the light fell  © lisa nayor July 2013

Where the light fell
Tall shelter of trees
Protected wood fairies
In soft blue bell breeze

A carpet of lilac
Where deer gently tred
Is a hiding for hares
For the woodmouse, a bed

On the bright silver birch
The treecreeper creeps
Over secretive sets
where badger cubs sleep

Bees flit and flirt
as bells gently chime
Jays ring their songs
Not a beat out of time

Song thrushes chirping
amidst cuckoo calls
Brown dippers wading
As cool water falls

Woodpecker drumming
on aged oak wood
Sunlight now stealing
Where orchids once stood

Yet only when darkness
Falls deftly tonight
will the stars brightly burn
and glow worms ignite

As the night sets alight
and hope quietly calls
and if you search with your heart
you will see the light fall


Reflections of Glass Pools © lisa naylor - August 2013


Golden sands
Mixed with unearthly silence

away to offshore turbines
braving the day
turning and slicing
through salty air
that once was sweet
Twelve moons ago
as hearts did meet

Curlews trill
cross sands of time
cadenzas frame
poetic rhyme
beacons sit,
in pools of glass
while ships set sail
and boats drift pass

Clouds dance in blue
and scarlet lace
indigo tears
stain the face
for once the beach
did hold the minds
of gentle hands
and kindly times

A silent wave
now ends each day
awaiting burnt sky's
golden ray
tomorrow's tide
bringing hope once more
of sunset blessings
felt once before





Time and tide © lisa naylor

the tide for the lonely
and hearts that are broken
softening sands
when harsh words are spoken

Refreshing the mind
when memories are dying
each salty spray
a world that is crying

and leaving the beach
to unite with the whole
the power of bonding
grabs hold of the soul


Burnt Skies © lisa naylor

Fireball of passion

Dancing on high

Burnt orange radiates

Through blazing red sky


Love kept alive

By warm evening glow

Etched in the heart

Not letting go


Luminous sunsets

Awaken the mind

Bringing fresh promise

A new world to find

Autumns's Refrain © lisa naylor 20/10/13

Ghostly cries

In silhouette skies

as sunset breaks

the light it takes,


but the swans they fight

dressed in white

with golden shine

symmetrical line


hundreds fly

through dusty sky

wings of peace

as light does cease


till tomorrow's hues

doth gently fuse

and ring again

Autumn's refrain

A Birders morning © lisa naylor Nov 2013


The morning breathes.


Starlings warm their irredescent wings

ready to venture into the new dawn.

Herons command golden skies

beating their heavy wings into the misty morning

Teal and Shoveler coverse loudly

as moorhens disagree from the tops of willow trees

the mist from the pond, a backdrop for dusky drama


Wingbeats away

Sanderling busily preen thier pure white breasts

against a fierce backdrop of crashing waves

A prayer of Godwit fly low and revently above rough waters

The call of curlew carries on the wind

to whitewashed lighthouses

that rest in the light,

a vast expanse of blue sits on the horizon

peppered only by the moving turbines

that cut through the deep storm clouds

hanging in the sky


The day has begun.

A Birder's evening


The day starts to slow


The retiring sun descends to cast long glistening shadows across the marshlands.

A Wing of Golden Plover take to flight;

twisting and turning to catch rays of sunlight that will disappear all too soon.


Curlews sweep the plains,

bubbling melodic lullabies

to egrets fishing in crystal still pools;

Reflections of balletic poise

In the cool shades of sunset


The ghostly barn owl hovers

over fading rustic fields

Hoping to find morsals

Whilst the air is still dry


Skeins of Brent geese purr gently across indigo skies

Casting dark silhouettes,

A reminder of the night that will come


A Murmaration of starlings sear overhead

Filling the sky like a cloud of black locusts

A dance of darkness


All is at rest,


All but the faint sound of a Cetti

Singing the reed beds to sleep


A final breath


The light has gone once more


A prelude to Spring © lisa naylor Nov 2013

Trees stand still

But breath is seen

Beneath the branch Of evergreen


In Ash and Beech

Their structures hold

To furnish elves

If tales be told


In Winter, bare,

They rest and long

For berries, leaves

And warbler song


To be home to creatures

And not to reason

To woodpeckers drumming

Whatever the season


To be strong to lost souls

Weary bodies and hearts

Sitting close to their roots

Hoping life will restart


To be fruitful in Autumn

As lovers will rest

Beside earthly brown bark

And last year's nests


Whispering secrets and wishes

Dreams until dark

Cold hands held tight

Till the sound of the lark


Yes, trees, they do breathe,

They dance and they sing

And their hearts beat, As leaves grow

In the prelude of Spring

Tales of the Reedbed © Lisa Naylor

Tails of ducks, a joyous sight,

Mallard chuckles in Winter’s light

Heron wades his muddy trails,

High pitched squeals of water rails

Echo in reedbeds, beside bittern’s boom

A cacophony of earthly soul’s, as darkness softly looms

Waiting for a sky show, the starlings flock in groups

Awaiting for their moment, flying silhouetted troops

Marsh Harrier is grounded, no wind is felt today

Painted bearded tits, instead on reeds can sway

Gently, sprightly hoping, with a loud jubilant ping,

Making our hearts thankful, each roll call they ring

Wren now making home amongst hard and deadened leaves

As silently and deftly the sparrowhawk she weaves

Through branches in the wood, ‘neath tall tree top masses,

Lone Barn owl taking stock, whilst the rain shower passes

And as this world is huddled, and all things come together,

Warmth is kept in roosts against fierce, icy weather

Their heartbeats and their wingbeats,

Their notes, their hoots, their songs,

Will quietly now settle, and last this cold night long

As this short day has now ended, the reedbeds let us know

And calmly now all creatures breathe, as sunsets casts it glow


Crested Chimes © lisa naylor

Ancient forest, hallowed ground

Secretive creatures, rarely found

Quietly being, humble lives

Hoarfrost spreads as winter thrives

Frozen morning, cool blue sky,

Crisp woodland, trilling cry

Tiny sprite flits to and fro

Heather paints homely floor,

Strong Old Pines, empty nests,

Kingly bird with royal crest,

Lichen covered branches sit

Wintertide for Celtic tit

Neath thawing trees, melodies ring

Magical Crests proudly sing

Bustling thorough decaying leaves

A banditry of spritely thieves

Pine seeds dined from generous Scots

Softening light as sun shower blots

Peace echoed deeply, calm tranquil times

Revealing with love, December’s sweet chimes