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Welcome to a part of my world.

I started photography in 2010 and since then my obsession has just grown. I find it fascinating watching the behaviour of birds and animals and love to try to capture something of interest through the viewfinder. In addition to this I also love tree, sky and seascapes. I love the peace that nature brings to the soul.

I have decided to call myself a Word Weaver also, from a need to write what I see, hear and feel whilst soaking in the world around me. You can see some of my poetry on this site. It took a while for me to decide whether to share my insights, but I decided that like with many forms of expression, they are there to be aired and thought about. I have recently re-organised this section:

'Words from the Heart' is a general poetry and prose section
'Rhythms of Nature' is about the inspiration I get from the beauty of the birds, trees, sea and soul of nature :)
'In the Stars' is a more fantasy-based, storylike poetry
'Moments in time', an album which combines my words and images

It's lovely that you dropped by, I hope you have found the site an aid to a 'slow down' of the hectic world, if only momentarily.

If you enjoyed your visit please feel free to put a comment in the guestbook or get in touch :)