Reflections from the Heart


I have recently felt the need to write. I thought I would share some of my offerings on this site, as most connect to nature and my journeys as I capture the world that surrounds me.

This current need has stemmed from an indescribable connection to words and to the power and strength they can bring when trying to describe an emotion or sometimes get me through a day. It is from this that I have been fired up to write.

The words started from a spark. The most beautiful and wonderful spark i could ever wish for, and everytime I write I feel the spark being lit.

The spark is what keeps me going....


One Heartbeat © lisa naylor

To sit
And rest
with another

Two souls, one heartbeat be

To watch
and cherish
the world

And notice what others don't see

To admire
A field
of fresh poppies

And see the lone turtle dove

Is to
be truly alive
in this world

And allows one to truly know love

Sweet Nothings © lisa naylor

Deafening silence
Words that once were
Hanging In space
Small pockets of air

Sweet, simply nothing
A true absence felt
Words fall like snowflakes
Yet mid air they melt

Awaiting their time
to love and ignite
The fire inside hearts
Still burning bright


Call to the Wind © lisa naylor


Curlews calling

Stir my heart


Echoes of longing

Warm golden skies


A cacophony of delicious sound


Trilling, bubbling, wanting


Instruments of the winged world

Pleasure my senses


Cadenza of lovesong

Illuminates falling darkness

As drops of hope scatter

On frozen seas


Melting, warming, swelling

Deep dark hollows

Of vastness contract


Silhouetted against the sun’s embers

The curlew

Continues to call


Into the wind


I hear

I feel

I surrender


To this sound


The Men of Crosby Beach © lisa naylor

Guardians of the sea
a whole world passes by
As you stand throughout the day
Under pink and orange sky

Watching vessels sail away
Hearing oystercatchers cry
Seeing lovers holding hands
Wind turbines spinning by

The tides they come and go
Hypnotic and steadfast
Bringing jellyfish and driftwood
Where sunset's reach is cast

Shells of the sea do gather
Surround your metal feet
Sandcastles wash away
and vanish in the heat

A bottle with no message
A cloud without a sky
A boat with no adventure
A dream about to die

As your stature turns to rust
Fading footprints in the sand
Stars do shine and fade
Over silhouetted land

The secrets of this beach
You hold until decay
No way of showing gratitude
For this home to which you stay

We observe your silent poise
Your calling to the sea
Your wish one day, to be washed away
To be forever free


Over and Beyond © lisa naylor

On the edge

of true glory


And of reason


On the verge of

of a new start

Fresh approach

Change of season


In the realms

Of a new life

Direction change

and purpose


On the brink

of a second chance

As new hopes

spring to the surface


Wonderful © lisa naylor

The start of something wonderful

The smell of fresh cut grass

Lilac fields

Fuse to pink

Where swifts and swallows pass


The start of something magic

Dramatic, fresh seashore

Turquoise blue

with diamonds of light

Where no man has swam before


The start of an adventure

Not knowing what will be

New horizons

Exotic lands

Footloose and running free


The start of something joyous

Dancing wildly through the night

Rhythms slow

Meaning strong

Poems by starlight


The start of peace descending

A soul that is at rest  

Loving actions

Kindly words

A life that now in blessed


The Blues  © lisa naylor  

Writing words from the heart
When to stop, Where to start

Emotions swirling, Running free
Perfect memories, encompass me

Memories of future, play strong and loud
the cast iron gaze, the noisy crowd

Smokey bar, sad blues singer
Whisky jar, thoughts that linger

Alcohol mixed with beating heart,
Don't stop now or won't restart

Yearning numbness, stop the pain
Until the next soul-crushing refrain

Hand me another, keep the flow coming
Gritty melodies, microphone humming

Heart on sleeve, he sings his lovesong
Rhythm slow, meaning long

Chords make love to the sticky air
Piercing eyes, promising stare

Lights get dimmer, midnight is here
One last verse, hearts to steer

Packs up words, until the next gig
Money jar empty, ideas big

Walks through town, streetlights glow
Down backalleys, where nobody goes

Armed with the notes of smokey blues song,
Alive and yet raw, sensitive, yet strong


The Poppy © lisa naylor



In remembrance.


Shadows cast by midday sun, made her seem not quite alone


The poppy

simply stood.

And thought about her love




Time stands still © lisa naylor


fear tightens it's grip

as evening clouds cover bright skies


the moment has passed...

...for now


beacons hide in thick fog

strong sturdy structures

built upon solid sand


their purpose no longer apparent


thoughts come and go

but feelings stay strong

pathways of the heart

incised with diamonds


ridiculous diamonds


I stand

and observe these happenings

with a long and cold exposure

waiting for clarity

like no other


Time stands still


When....   © lisa naylor

Oh for a day

When the sunshines

And does not retreat behind clouds

It’s purpose

To keep you wrapped up in it’s heat and keep at bay all your doubts


Oh for a day when the sea

Is as still and reflective as glass

And it allows you to see yourself truly

And the fear and anxieties pass


Oh for a day when the fields

Make a path that allows you to take

The route that avoids the nettles and bogs

And your senses are kept wide awake


With the beauty of nature surrounding you

Birds soaring high in the sky

And the hypnotic sound of the natterjacks

And skylarks serenading you by


Oh for a day when your heart

Beats every beat for your soul

And loves and rejoices for life

And the mind and the body are whole


Oh for a day when you wake

Full of excitement and joy

And nothing can stop you from feeling like this

No words, can not every destroy


This feeling of contentment

And place in the world you belong

And the feeling is like

A warm touch to your lips

A summer morning

Filled with birdsong




Impending  © lisa naylor

A mechanic tick,
a certain tock
As time moves on
And does not stop

No pause to fill
No rest to think
Impending doom
Weakest link

Pulsating beat
My head a home

Constant motion
Moving forward
Stale routine
Wing-clipped bird

No escape
No small print
No quick turn
A lengthy stint

Turned to stone
Crushing cold
Brittle bone

Hung to dry
Fearless storm
Heart now frozen
Hands still warm

On the rocks
No time to lie
Part of the sea
As life sails by



No man's patrol © lisa naylor

Save me,

take me,

away from this scene

of my drowning in my sorrow


start the healing

stop this pain

seal my wounds

with words

of beauty

and hope


before this sadness

plunges me


into a whirlpool of nothingness;






from there I fear no return


Growing, not falling © lisa naylor

The snow falls softly

from cold midnight sky

as dreams are painted

and clouds sail by


But not all flakes fall

 whither or waste

instead they grow

in an small, quiet space


they grow so vibrant

  with shades of the waves

whilst the mind it whirrs

and the heart it craves


in the space they fill

till no space be found

and the melody heard

is a delicate sound


for instead of falling

they blossom and flower

and each ray of sunshine

each daylight hour


allows for the petals

to flourish and bloom

till no vacant space

no prophet of gloom


can ever diminish

the beauty that calls

from inside of the heart

as the snow gently falls


Sleeping Poets © lisa naylor

They lie so still in autumn's dream

glowing auburn, celtic queen

his lips sculpt words of sumptuous sound

pearl droplets land on frosted ground


whispers carry through shades of trees

with gentle scent of lover's breeze

life preserved and waiting still

anticipating songbirds trill


the sleep is hard, it freezes dreams

ice on ice, or so it seems

words are lost, as time does pass

ice cracks deep on thawing glass


They lie in statue, cheek to cheek

as winter's boughs do softly creek,

numbness expands, silences creep

as deafly now the poet's sleep


The invitation © lisa naylor


As winter descends

let me sit for a while with you

whisper my heart to you

dance to the stars with you


As icicles form

let me hold you all night with me

soften the pain in me

Let the love flow through me


As the moon lights the sky

let her kisses be real to you

and never forget

that each night she appears for you 



Comes the Night © lisa naylor 

Ships pass through the night

Lanterns light the day

Blue and black tones gather the skies

And night steals away from the day


The street lights help the foxes

Find their daily rations

Caffeine filled workers remain silent

Devoid of their life and their passions


The eyes of the weary can rest

Hearts of the weak can grow strong

The sleep it brings comfort of dreams

And contentment; a place to belong


Prayers of the faithful are heard

Thoughts of the lost do collide

The darkness bring a rest

Before the return of the tide


Only night can bring peace to the soul

Only darkness a break from the light

Only the heart can know real truth

As in sleep out true dreams take to flight



Adventure of the Seas  © lisa naylor

Tall ships sprayed with salt
Plunge rough waters
Carefully navigating
Powerfully motoring

Lamp lights on land
Candles in cold air
Squinting through fresh breezes
Beacons of the night

Reflections of cities
Colour and pulse
Gently Cradling steel
With frozen arms

Colonies of Gulls
Whitening the sky
Cries that echo
In vacuums of air

Lifeboats wait
Inflated and still
Ready for duty
Should storm clouds gather

Moonlight casts
Shafts of light
Across rippling seas
Pathways to the future

Unknown territories
Unseen sights
World is my oyster
Searching for pearls

Treasures lurk
Below cloudy depths
Sparkling gems
Shrouded in mystery

Tall ships
Long adventures
Deep seas
Under starry skies

Dreaming of lands
Scented and distant
One way ticket
To undiscovered seas



End this day © lisa naylor

This day must end

Or my mind be gone

to the depths of the woods

where the wolves do run

unleash the pack

them them hunt for blood

till this day has an end

there can be no good


Silent Tear © lisa naylor

Birdless sky
moonless night
A day, a lifetime
Blinding light

Leafless tree
Loveless smile
Empty chair
Sunless dial

Restless sleep
Relentless pain
Wounds cut deep
Endless rain

Woodless fire
Yet burning strong
Dancing flames
All night long

Somehow hope
still lingers here
And gently floods
Each silent tear

Deep Rivers  © lisa naylor

Hand on hand
Cheek to cheek
Whispering mouth
Knees go weak

Hands that touch
Lips impart
Dreams and fears
Weakest heart

Prayers offered up
To He who hears
Melting soul
Releasing tears

Love strikes a chord
Through acoustics of minds
It's echo are heard
Its notes gently bind

Simplicity conquers
Each grain of sand,
Each blade of grass
Each slight of hand

Deep mountain rivers
High snowy summits
Riding the thermals
As temperatures plummet

To love and be loved like
Kisses from rainbows
Sweet candy canes
Cool breeze through the heat blows

Like pollen that’s spread
Through infectious bees
Spreading sweet flower seeds
Delicious disease

Love rain down
To the drought of our heart
Keep flooding our bodies
Till our doubts do depart

Let the rain keep coming
Let the flowers now bloom
till the colours of life
Cancel shadows that loom


Moonlight Serenade  © lisa naylor

Waiting for the moon
Its familiar face
To light up my world
The darkness embrace

Scars bringing stories
To trace in the sky
Glimpses of diamonds
Stars shooting by

Moonlight sonata
Serenade me
Let your chords make sweet love
Setting me free

Waiting for night
For sensational glow
For my heart to be led
to the place I adore

For the moment when kisses
fall from your surface
Lights up my evening
No-one can replace

The warm arms that wrap
And gently hold
Loving the hurt
Keeping out cold

It is then when I feel
Valued and blessed
Its it then when am
Truly at rest



One man's treasure © lisa naylor

Washed out
Shored up
On the beach scrapheap

Worn down
Burned out
Nothing left to keep

Used by
left to die
Along antique-filled sands

Touched by
Hopes high
Poor scavenger hands

Cleaned to
Washed through
Pure and gentle motion

Formed by
Made of
Depths of vast sea ocean

Long last
From pieces to a whole

With care
Held there
Old treasure for a soul



Still here ©  lisa naylor

The beauty of you

is carried on waves

to the shores of my heart

where it rests


The love of your soul

glides on the wind

to the shelter

of feather lined nests


The scars of your heart

are cradled by doves

whose strength

will never subside


The hope of our lives

is lit through this night

with the warmth of a fire

deep inside


Strong Winds @ lisa naylor

The wind blows strong
My heart stops still
The turbines spin
Against their will

Can't resist
What's meant to be
As strong winds gather
Out at sea

Slicing sky
Through flesh of clouds
Sunshine bleeds
Seagulls crowd

From distant views
The mills display
Graceful motion
Synched with day

Stood up close
Sharp blades rotate
Dreamlike state

Till winds have dropped
and cease to be
And turbines rest
In frozen sea


Empty Promise © lisa naylor

Precious words

like shattered glass 

pathe a precarious path

for lost souls


A raven

flies through flooded land

and returns.

no place to find rest


Rainbows appear

yet their promises are unheard

above the sounds

of emptiness

that resounds from here to there






Powered by the moon

as certain as time

Relentless as the tide

my heart beats

as my blood runs cold

Last light © lisa naylor

Pink dusk settles a cool winter's nights

smells of an open fire punctuates the air

small birds flit to safety as darkness threatens

whilst canal boats paint their reflections on still waters

scenes of days gone by

savoured for tomorrow

all is at rest

Wings of Love © lisa naylor

I once had a butterfly

rest on my heart


dancing with love

It kept my soul light

it soothed all the pain

and blessings they fell from above


Now the butterfly flew,

and my heart it did break,

for the dancing it stopped overnight

and oh how i miss

the fluttering beats

that keep faith, hope and love 

 shining bright

Lost Souls © lisa naylor

Lost souls wander

where no souls are found

unaware of the other

no-one speaks a sound

no life-line to throw

no life-line to catch

just each on their own

completely detached


One for Sorrow © lisa naylor

One for sorrow

lost words spoken

two to soothe

till vows be broken

three brings love

till it sails away

only one for sorrow

survives the day

Love not lost

If I could

then I would

turn storm clouds

from grey to blue

Shelter i'd give to you

from now

till the sun shines through


If I could

then I would

be the love

that your souls

bleeds for

gently hold you

 a bright future

held in store


If I could

then I would

be the rain

that falls down for you

 there to replenish you

nourish you

all life through


If I could

then I would

read these words

in the woods to you

whispering moonlight blue

there till the morning dew


but for now

i will sit

with the waves

 a soundtrack to

the love

that I found with you

still here

till our time is due



The Reunion

As if no time had passed
they were here once again
together at last
after the rain

Forget-me-not blooms
lined their paths for a year
each lilac flower
bringing a tear

Chattering, warbling
each golden sound
brought a memory alive
ran emotions aground

the year lived apart
had proved long and hard
the journey at sea
left some feathers charred

and now the reunion
as fragile as glass
that nothing could spoil,
no shadow could cast

the feelings did grow
surely and fast
and they knew it right then
that this love, it would last

It remains...

Sharp pains of loss
Gnaw away
Weary souls wander
Sadness frays
Bloody heart seams
cloudy streams
Flashbacks threaten
evading dreams

Owls fly low
through bitter cold fields
Kings of the river flash
turquoise wings
Migrating, departing
Forever transient
But not you, my love
Your presence remains

Fixed to my heart
a bee to nectar
at the sweetness
of pure,
unrivaled knowing
Honey, the treat
After months of strict famine
The colour of love
the sound of a light beam

Absence fills the void
A space within a space
full of promise
Yearning for the time
When all things change
Only leaves to fall
Not dreams and loves
or Curlew's call.

The Crater © Lisa Naylor

From nothing we have come,
And to nothing should we end
So what is in the middle?
I ask my mountain friend?

The wind it echoes gently
As the snow, it starts to thaw
I stand there, with the mountain
not sure what went before

I see white and black, greys between
as I look across it's face
my senses roaming freely
Each breath a wild embrace

My hearts it stops to ponder
where the mountain disappears
for what, prey tell, is hidden,
in that crater, so severe?

A watering hole for reindeer?
Shelter for mountain hare?
A negative space, that keeps souls safe
Beyond where eagles dare

This crater, is a mystery
and one that must remain,
to keep Narnia alive here
for the heart to feel again
Nov 2013

* Narnia is a Latin name profiled as meaning Spring in Winter*